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Genre: Soap, Drama
First Air Date: 1982-11-02
Last Air Date: 2003-11-03
Number of Seasons: 22
Number of Episodes: 2880
Runtime: 90 min
Overview: The ground-breaking soap set in a housing estate on the outskirts of Liverpool.
Stars: Dean Sullivan (Jimmy Corkhill), Amanda Burton (), Claire Sweeney (), Gene Foad (), Gillian Kearney (), Helen Grace (), Ian Hendry (), Jennifer Ellison (Emily O'Leary), Kenneth Cope (), Letitia Dean (), Mary Tamm (), Philip Olivier (Tim O'Leary), Neil Davies (Robbie Moffat), Jack McMullen (), Ray Quinn (), Sarah White (), Sue Jenkins (), Michael Starke (Thomas 'Sinbad' Sweeney), Gladys Ambrose (), Bernadette Nolan (Diane Murray), Neil Caple (Marty Murray), Alex Fletcher (Jacqui Dixon/Jacqui Farnham), Anna Friel (beth jordache)